With Cornwall’s dog beach ban in full swing, I’ve been getting plenty of questions about where to walk your dog. Falmouth is notorious for its lack of dog friendly beaches in summer, much to the locals’ and tourists’ dismay. However there is one dog friendly beach, Nansidwell and today I thought we’d show you round!

Nansidwell is a National Trust beach on the outskirts of Falmouth, just a couple of bays around from the popular Maenporth beach. It’s connected to the coastal path, which takes you to Swanpool or Durgan depending on which route you walk.

Nansidwell | The Cornish Dog

The walk to the beach takes about 15 minutes and it’s mostly downhill. Cattle fields line the way to the right, so be aware you may have to keep your dog on the lead. Woody walks off lead most of the way, however towards the bottom he’s found a way into the field and likes to run off. It’s safe to say I’ve learnt my lesson and keep him on the lead for that stretch!

Nansidwell is great place to see the changing seasons. We walk here most weeks, as it’s the perfect blend of countryside, beaches and coastal paths. Cow parsley, wild garlic, bluebells and other flowers in line the walk in full bloom. It’s a popular place among foragers, particularly during spring evenings and at weekends.

Nansidwell | The Cornish Dog

There are two beaches at Nansidwell. We tend to visit the larger one more, as there’s plenty of sand to run around on. The beach tends to be quite quiet during the week, however on warmer days it’s a hotspot for dogs and their owners. At high tide the sea covers the beach entirely, so be sure to visit at low water!

Woody loves playing fetch at Nansidwell. If I don’t bring a ball there’s tantrums! He also loves playing chase with his friends. The locals here are very friendly and I’ve had so many interesting conversations while watching the dogs paddle in the sea.

Nansidwell | The Cornish Dog

Rock pools are Woody’s second favourite thing to explore here. He’s turned into quite the beach comber. I’ve never seen so many starfish in my life, let alone the last six months since adopting Woody! He is partial to a little munch on their legs but thankfully they aren’t poisonous to dogs.

We also came across a stranded dolphin here in the Winter. Unfortunately it was long dead. We reported it to the Marine Strandings Network, part of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. It’s important to report strandings of both dead and alive mammals, as it provides valuable information about our marine environment. You can contact the Marine Strandings Network 24/7 by calling them on 0345 201 2626.

Nansidwell | The Cornish Dog

The walk down to Nansidwell takes about 15 minutes. The path is quite uneven, with loose rock in places. I’d advise wearing sensible footwear, though I have been partial to walking down in flip flops on more than one occasion. I’ve gone into more detail about parking and how to find the walk in the video below. There aren’t any poo bins on the walk itself, however there is a bin in the lay by where we park.

If you’re looking for a dog friendly beach in Falmouth, I’d highly recommend Nansidwell. It’s a great walk come rain or shine and is a great place for a family picnic or day out. There’s also Trefusis Point in nearby Flushing, which is great to explore.

Nansidwell | The Cornish Dog

Where would you like to see us walk next? Be sure to leave your suggestions in a comment.

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