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Climbing Snowdon with Dogs

Woody, Hen, foster dog Snoop and I recently took a trip to see our friends Cockapoo Marley¬†upcountry. During our stay, we travelled to North Wales to climb Mount Snowdon with the dogs. I’d never climbed a mountain before, let alone with 3 dogs, so was eager to take on the challenge! We took the Miner’s Track, which joins the Pyg Track for a steep ascent to the summit. The route is completely dog friendly and we had a whale of a time. We’ve definitely caught the mountaineering bug!

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Polly Joke Poppies

I’ve always wanted to visit the Polly Joke Poppies in Newquay. Ever since moving back to Cornwall 2 years ago, it’s been on my adventure bucket list. The wildflower fields bloom between May and June and I’ve been looking forward to it all year. I decided to take the dogs on a trip to Polly Joke to check out this agricultural phenomenon for ourselves. [Read More]

Choosing a Harness for Your Dog

I’m a huge fan of dog harnesses. They’re incredibly practical, especially for our outdoor lifestyle here in Cornwall and I would be lost without them! It’s taken me a while to find the right harness for us but through a lot of trial and error I think we’re there. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the adventure dog harnesses we’ve used, the reasons I bought them and whether they’ve stood the test of time!

DOGSCLOSURE: I purchased all of these harnesses myself. I purchased the majority of these harnesses new over the past year, however I also found some secondhand.

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