We moved house recently and amid the flurry of renovations, Millie came to visit. Between painting walls, washing ceilings and sanding skirting boards, I somehow found the time to take the dogs for a walk. One afternoon in particular, I decided to drive over to Flushing to explore Trefusis Point.

I’d visited Trefusis Point once before, on my birthday, however the weather was awful. We persevered at the time out of principle but I was excited to return for a more peaceful, dry walk with Woody and Millie.

Trefusis Point is a great place to walk with your dog. Situated right at the end of Flushing, you literally drive until you run out of road. There’s limited free parking on the road by the entrance, though on the few times I’ve visited there’s always been spaces available. I imagine this is a popular spot during the summer, as the beach and walk are dog friendly all year round.

Now, before I go any further, please don’t be deceived by the cute puppy eyes and spaniel smiles in the photos. This walk did not go to plan! Both Woody and Millie decided to misbehave on this walk, to the point where I walked back to the car for a time out. Filming a vlog of this walk soon went out the window, as both dogs ran off in different directions.

Trefusis Point | The Cornish Dog

Millie went straight for the sea, which she was meant to be avoiding due to being on steroids for a sore ear. This didn’t stop her running over the rockiest beachrock and down to the water though! I’d turned my back for a minute before realising she’d gone and with Woody following along with her, it’s safe to say we strayed from the usual footpath.

The walk itself is set back from the water, unless your name is Millie of course! A gentle stroll through two or three fields takes you around the headland on the Fal River. With impressive views of Falmouth town and the docks, it’s beautiful in most weathers. Particularly on warm days or when the sea mist rolls in.

Trefusis Point | The Cornish Dog

You can walk right round to Mylor from Trefusis Point, however we’re yet to complete the full walk. It was hard enough walking 2.5 minutes with the dogs’ misbehaving, let alone 2.5 miles! It’s safe to say there were plenty of time outs on the lead, particularly for Woody, who’d decided to play deaf.  Woody’s recall is a work in progress at the best of times but it was on a whole new level that day!

If your dogs decide to play ball, this walk is relaxing and enjoyable. The terrain is level most of the way, with clearly marked dirt footpaths. It’s popular for dog owners and walkers alike and Woody often has plenty of friends to play with. There aren’t any poo bins on the walk itself, as it’s mostly through fields. However there is one bin at the side of the road at the start, though this is often overflowing.

Trefusis Point | The Cornish Dog

There’s a small stream that runs down part way of the walk. I wore wellies so it wasn’t a problem but if you’re in trainers you might get wet feet! There are plenty of rocks to use as stepping stones though, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Of course Millie being the water baby she is couldn’t resist having a paddle and quick drink.

Woody on the other hand, preferred sprinting like a rocket through the fields and hedgerows. Even the blossoming gorse wouldn’t stop him! He’d pop out every once in a while, with thorns tightly knotted into his ears. He never seems bothered when this happens and is itching to get away as soon as he can.

Trefusis Point | The Cornish Dog

There was just enough time to visit the beach before getting back to help at the house. The shore is quite rocky in places and can become slippery. It’s not the sort of beach you’d spend the day at, in fact it’s tidal so sometimes hardly there at all. It’s a great place for a pre or post dip though, particularly if your dog rolls in something nasty.

The views across the river at Falmouth are breathtaking. This viewpoint makes you realise just how big the town actually is. Rows and rows of tiny houses, all in beautiful seaside colours. It’s like looking at a postcard! There are plenty of boats to spot too, from dinghies and dories to ribs and traditional sailboats. Flushing and Mylor Pilot Gig Club launch their boats from the beach too. Over at the dockyard you’ll see some huge vessels. It’s the third deepest natural harbour in the world!

Trefusis Point | The Cornish Dog

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