We recently discovered the hidden gem that is Trewardreva Mill. Tucked away between Helston and Falmouth, close to the villages of Costantine and Gweek, lies a truly beautiful woodland walk. With the promise of bluebells blooming across the Duchy, we couldn’t resist exploring this fairytale forest.

Millie came to visit over the May bank holiday weekend and she loved paddling in the river, which runs throughout the walk. The emerald trees and winding paths transport you into the pages of a book. As we continued I couldn’t help but feel like a Cornish piskie or one of Robin Hood’s men hiding from the Sheriff.

Trewardreva Mill | The Cornish DogTrewardreva Mill | The Cornish Dog

There are plenty of footpaths to explore in Trewardreva Mill, which wind around the disused Bosahan quarry. In springtime the woods are blanketed in beautiful bluebells, though due to the harsh winter this year, far fewer have managed to bloom. The ground is still boggy in places, so I’d definitely advise wearing walking boots or wellies.

A river runs through the woodland, with beautiful rock formations, clear water and miniature waterfalls. Millie loved paddling in the water when she visited recently and Woody’s definitely finding his water wings. At the bottom of the woods is a wooden footbridge, the perfect place for a game of pooh sticks. There are plenty of old stone buildings to explore, remnants of the old mill I believe.

Trewardreva Mill | The Cornish DogTrewardreva Mill | The Cornish Dog

I feel really confident walking Woody here, as the walk is away from most hazards. There aren’t any busy roads or open fields nearby. There is a farm once you’ve crossed the bridge over the water but Woody is far more interested in swimming! There’s also a BMX bike track further up the hill. It was empty when we were exploring but I imagine it’ll be busier in the summer.

Trewardreva Mill is also popular for horse riders, something I hadn’t accounted for initially. I wasn’t sure how Woody would react around horses, as he’s had limited experience with livestock. Fortunately the riders are quite undersanding and patiently waited for me to get Woody on the lead. He didn’t seem too bothered but I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Trewardreva Mill | The Cornish DogTrewardreva Mill | The Cornish Dog

When you think of dog walks in Cornwall, beaches, dunes and coastal paths spring to mind. In fact, Cornwall is full of woodlands.¬†Trewardreva Mill is the perfect walk for spring and summer. The dappled light from the trees means it’s always cool, even on hot days. There’s plenty of shade throughout the walk and of course the running water makes a great swimming pool for the dogs!

Millie, Woody and my landlady’s dog all enjoyed their walks at Trewardreva Mill and definitely give it a paws up. It’s often quiet on the walk itself, which is great for taking in the views. It’s a peaceful place for walking anxious, nervous or reactive dogs too.

Trewardreva Mill | The Cornish DogTrewardreva Mill | The Cornish Dog

Trewardreva Mill is dog friendly all year round, though rumor has it that he woods have recently been sold. I hope it’ll remain dog friendly, as it’s truly a magical place to explore. Parking is limited by the old quarry however the Waymarker restaurant and caf√© is just a stone’s throw away. They offer free parking for customers, giving you the perfect excuse for a post-walk tea and cake!

I’ve gone into more detail about parking and how to find the woods in my video below, it can be confusing the first time you visit. As always, let us know where you’d like us to explore next, we’re always looking for suggestions!

Trewardreva Mill | The Cornish Dog

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