We’ve heard incredible things about Natural Cornish Pet, a pet haven based in St. Erth, near Hayle in west Cornwall.They boast an enviable selection of natural foods, treats and toys and are open 7 days a week. I’d been meaning to visit for a while and we decided to pop in on the way home one day after a beautiful morning beach walk at St. Michael’s Mount.

DOGSCLOSURE: We received a free play session in the secure field, as well as a selection of free treats in return for this review. All thoughts are honest and our own, Woody and I absolutely love Natural Cornish Pet and will be visiting again very soon! Woody’s Mable and Merryn lead was gifted to us in exchange for a blogpost in summer 2018. I purchased everything else featured in this blogpost myself.

Natural Cornish Pet is part of Doggy Daycare Cornwall, which started in 2014. Its owners, Jordan and Katy are passionate about providing stellar daycare and quality natural and raw diets to Cornish dogs. They’re business has grown from strength to strength and their ambitions continue to grow. They’re hoping to expand the business further to include grooming, training, glamping and veterinary facilities on site. Now if that doesn’t sound like a dog’s heaven on earth, I don’t know what does!

We hadn’t pre-planned our visit at all but were immediately greeted by Jordan and the team. We were whisked away on a grand tour of the site, which is based on an old golf course. There’s everything your dog could desire on site, from the beautiful Natural Cornish Pet shop to the incredibly popular Doggy Daycare Cornwall and even a secure field, which you can hire out 7 days a week.

Woody didn’t need asking twice about exploring the secure field for himself. Despite us walking a good two hours that morning, he was still a little pocket rocket! He zoomed around for a good half an hour at least, Jordan and I don’t quite know how he did it. I wish I knew about this field when I first adopted Woody. Back then, he didn’t know I was his new owner and understandably wouldn’t always return when I called him. It would have been great to practice recall with him in such a secure space. There were plenty of other customers using the field throughout the day. It’s a great facility for reactive dogs, puppies, fosters and dogs who need a little more one to one support.


There was just enough time to quench our thirst before heading back inside. Woody was treated to a bowl of fresh water on tap in the secure field, while I indulged in a luxury triple chocolate hot chocolate from the onsite café, delicious!

It was great to be able to talk with Jordan in the field without worrying about where my dog was and what he might be up to. I’m sure Woody can sniff out gaps in fences from miles away, as he’s always disappearing into obscure fields when we’re out on walks. Despite his best efforts, Woody couldn’t escape the secure field and believe me he tried!  The fencing is otter grade and is similar to the enclosures often found in zoos. It’s 2metres high with a double door, to deter even the most mischievous escape artists!

Natural Cornish Pet | The Cornish Dog

Woody is a very lucky pup, he spends most of his time with me and rarely has to be left alone. As you know, he does suffer from separation anxiety and I always worry about leaving him. I spoke with Jordan about Doggy Daycare Cornwall, the onsite daycare facilities for dogs. I was relieved to find that they accept entire dogs – this is something quite hard to find in Cornwall. Woody hasn’t been neutered. It’s something I should probably discuss in another post, as there are plenty of viewpoints about the subject!

After our play session in the secure field, we headed indoors to the Natural Cornish Pet shop. The main reason I wanted to visit, was for the puppy pick ‘n’ mix. I’ve been keen to give Woody more natural chews, made from body parts of various poultry and livestock, for a while now. The team at Natural Cornish Pet stock a variety of chews, many of which are plastic free too. It’s safe to say Woody and I enjoyed filling our paper bag with duck feet, bull pizzle, tracheas and more!

Natural Cornish Pet also stock an impressive array of raw food. They have Natural Instinct, Cotswold Raw, Nutrimet, Nature’s Menu and Paleo Ridge available in their freezers. They also sell a variety of wet and dry food for both cats and dogs on the shelves. Woody isn’t raw fed at present, however his Guru cold pressed food does compliment a raw diet. Perhaps we’ll give raw feeding a go in the future, I’ll have to keep doing my research!

A quick stop for natural chews soon turned into a delightful couple of hours. We had such a great time exploring the grounds. Woody in particular had a whale of a time, to the point that he really REALLY didn’t want to leave. He rarely pulls back on his lead, apart from when it’s time to go home from the beach. He protested about leaving Natural Cornish Pet for a good 15 minutes and had to be escorted by Jordan back to the car!

Natural Cornish Pet | The Cornish Dog

It’s safe to say Woody had a fantastic time. Natural Cornish Pet is by far his favourite shop in the world. It’s dog heaven on earth and we’d highly recommend a visit! I can’t wait to return to test out their daycare facilities for ourselves and restock our natural chews!

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*We received a free play session in the secure field, as well as a selection of free treats in return for this review. All thoughts are honest and our own, Woody and I absolutely love Natural Cornish Pet and will be visiting again very soon!