Autumn has well and truly arrived in Cornwall. Temperatures have remained mild, which certainly makes for the best kind of outdoor adventures. We’ve been enjoying exploring our local woodlands recently and took a trip to Idless Woods to marvel at the incredible sights and smells of autumn.

Everywhere you walk, the trees glow ochre, umber and burnt sienna. It’s the perfect part of autumn at the moment. Fallen leaves line the paths but the trees themselves aren’t yet bare. It had rained a few days before our walk, so it was a little soggy underfoot, however this did not detract from the beautiful warm colours surrounding us.

Idless Woods | The Cornish Dog

Idless Woods is found in Truro and is managed by the Forestry Commission. Four different woods make up Idless; Bishops Wood, St Clement Wood, Lord’s Wood and Lady’s Wood. There’s 2.8 miles of woodland to explore in all. Woody and I spend hours here exploring pathways off the beaten track whenever we visit.

It’s fairly easy to find by car because the sat nav will take you straight there. There are also plenty of road signs to follow. There’s ample space to park your car for free on site and the Woodman’s Cabin provide a variety of refreshments to enjoy after your walk.

Idless Woods | The Cornish Dog

There are a variety of routes to explore at Idless Woods. We try to pick a new path whenever we can, however I know we still have so much to explore! You can follow the stream from the car park, or head off the beaten track into the woods. The main gravel trail is well maintained and sturdy underfoot. It’s family friendly and great for walking on all year round. Other paths do get muddy, so sensible footwear is advisable!

I love the diversity at Idless Woods. There’s a great mix of coniferous and deciduous trees. Ferns and brambles line the main paths, at this time of year they’re a beautiful scarlet colour. Deeper in the woodland you’ll find tall pine trees, holly and fungi. It’s a popular place to build dens too, which Woody and I love to explore.

Idless Woods | The Cornish Dog

Idless Woods hides an old Iron Age fort. Woody and I are yet to find it but I’m sure we’ll stumble upon it soon.¬†Woody runs off lead the entire time we’re exploring. Idless Woods is set away from busy main roads and I’m confident Woody won’t stray too far. A few months ago a fox red Labrador did go missing here, however fortunately Milo was found a few weeks later.

It’s a great place to experience the seasons. In springtime, bluebells line the woodland floor and the autumn spectacle is not one to miss! If you’re lucky, there’s plenty of wildlife to spot here too, including deer, badgers, birds and squirrels. As we all know, Woody is a keen runner, so he spoils most wildlife encounters before there’s even chance of spotting them.

Idless Woods | The Cornish Dog

Where’s your favourite place to explore during autumn? Have you visited Idless Woods before? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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