Woody seems to have acquired quite the collection of stuff since I adopted him. I’ve come to realise that we only use a handful of his belongings on a regular basis, which prompted a much needed sort through of his things. Today I’d like to share with you some of our tips for decluttering with your dog.

Now, I’m quite the minimalist at heart and I love the simple pleasures in life. I enjoy owning only the essential; things I use and items I love on a daily basis. I’ve been following this lifestyle for a good few years now and find it helps keep me organised, grounded and overall more, me. Woody too is happy with fewer things. All he really wants is a good beach or rock pool to swim in, a cosy bed or sofa for naps and of course is favourite pasty toy. How we’ve managed to accumulate so much pet stuff is beyond me!

Decluttering with your Dog | The Cornish DogDecluttering with your Dog | The Cornish Dog

Decluttering with your Dog

We thought we’d share with you some of our tips when it comes to decluttering. I also filmed the whole process if you’re interested. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch and don’t forget to¬†subscribe to our YouTube channel for our weekly videos while you’re there!

Allow plenty of time

I dedicated a whole afternoon to sorting through Woody’s things. It’s important to take your time, to avoid unnecessary repurchases in the future. It’s also a good idea to choose a time when you’re less likely be disturbed. Decluttering by nature can get quite messy and disorganised at first so you want to avoid any potential distractions if possible.

Don’t over do it

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re sorting through your belongings. I’d recommend decluttering in short bursts, carefully choosing one category at a time. For example, I decluttered my clothes separate to Woody’s things, which enabled me to take a break, refocus and make better decisions. Don’t forget decluttering involves making lots of choices over a short period of time. By decluttering slowly, you’ll avoid decision fatigue!

Decluttering with your Dog | The Cornish DogDecluttering with your Dog | The Cornish Dog

Sort Everything into Categories

Once you’ve decided your focus for decluttering with your dog, separate all the items into categories. For Woody’s things, I grouped all his leads, collars, toys and bowls separately. Organising the items like this really shows where you’ve been frivolous with your purchasing in the past. I hadn’t realised we’d accumulated over 5 different leads. It’s safe to say most of those were decluttered, as we only use two maximum on a regular basis.

Handle each item individually

Now you’ve got your items sorted into categories, go through each piece one by one. Handling each item will help you decide whether you need it, or whether it can be donated. I find sorting belongings in this way helps me remember why I choose to use (or not use!) an item regularly. It’s also a great way to examine each piece for damage, correct sizing and overall quality.

Decluttering with your Dog | The Cornish DogDecluttering with your Dog | The Cornish Dog

Embrace the Maybe Pile

I’m a huge fan of the maybe pile. When I declutter, it’s so handy to have an ‘I’m not quite sure yet’ option. The majority of the time I have a rough idea on what stays and what needs to go, however there are always those pieces you’ve forgotten about but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to. That’s where the maybe pile comes in. Simply place any items you’re not sure about and revisit them at a later date. This could be once you’ve finished going through the rest of your belongings, which is what I tend to do. Alternatively you can box these pieces up for longer periods of time. If you haven’t reached for the items in a few months, it’s safe to say you’re not using them and they can likely be donated.

Research where to donate used items

So, you’ve gone through all your belongings and have decided what to keep and what to get rid of. Something I’m so passionate about is ensuring your unwanted items are sent off to the right place. This may be your local charity shop or clothes swap for used clothes that have plenty of life left in them. For pet products, check your local animal rescue, vets, dog walkers and any friends with pets. I am also a huge fan of community pages on Facebook. Many towns in Cornwall have their own and it’s a great way to list free items, as well as borrow from others and ask the community for advice. Don’t forget about recycling too for things like old artwork or used clothes that are beyond repair!

Decluttering with your Dog | The Cornish Dog

There you have it, our tips for decluttering with your dog. If you’d like to see what we sorted through specifically, be sure to check out our video below!

What have you been sorting through recently? What are you tips for decluttering with your dog? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

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