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It’s been six months since we moved back to Cornwall, swapping the city for the coast and it’s been by far one of the best decisions I’ve made! I feel more at home here than ever before and have embraced a more active, outdoor lifestyle with open arms. I created a summer bucket list back when we first moved down and I am proud to say I completed about half of it. However, there are still so many things I’d like to see and do in Cornwall! This year I’ve decided to create a more comprehensive Cornish Bucket List, jam packed with all the things I’ve been dreaming about since moving back to the sea!

Cornish Bucket List | The Cornish Dog

A Cornish Bucket List


Go Paddleboarding with Woody

Watching Woody gain confidence in the water is something that makes me burst with pride. When I first adopted Woody he was quite nervous about going out of his depth. Slowly we’re working together to improve that and I am hoping in the coming months we’ll be out swimming happily together. Something else I’m excited to try with Woody is paddleboarding. Stand up paddleboarding (or SUP for short) is super popular here in Cornwall, particularly in the summer. I’ve been myself a couple of times and have really enjoyed it and I’d love to try tandem paddleboarding with Woody in tow!

Camp on Tremayne Quay

I first heard about Tremayne Quay back at university. My friends at gig rowing would often camp there during the summer months. We even started organising a trip ourselves but unfortunately our plans fell through. This year I’d love to explore Tremayne Quay with friends, it sounds like the perfect place for a summer’s barbeque. Of course, you can only access it by kayak or boat, which adds even more fun to the experience!


Visit the Isles of Scilly

Something I didn’t quite get around to at summer but definitely still deserves a mention. I first visited the Isles of Scilly in 2015, when I took part in the World Pilot Gig Championships. Gig weekend is by far the busiest weekend on the islands, they’re jam packed with rowers from all over the world. We were stranded due to bad weather a few days after the championships had finished and I enjoyed exploring the island by golf buggy. It would be great to return there again soon, particularly in nicer weather!


Cornish Bucket List | The Cornish DogCornish Bucket List | The Cornish Dog


Watch Sunrise at the Beach

Enjoying breakfast at the beach has to be one of my favourite summer pastimes. Carting the portable cookers down to the water’s edge and enjoying the long and lazy morning is something I’d love to make a more regular habit. Even more ambitious would be waking up extra early to watch the sunrise from the horizon.


Visit St. Nectan’s Glen

I haven’t explored much of the north Cornwall coast. Tucked away quietly in the south, it’s hard to find the motivation for such a long drive (particularly in the wet winter!) Tintagel though is somewhere I’d love to explore; consumed by legends of King Arthur and the mystery of shipwrecks and treasure. It’s also home to St. Nectan’s Glen, an enchanting collection of waterfalls among ancient woodland. The Woodland walk looks incredible from what I have seen online and it’s dog friendly too. I can’t wait to take Woody up to explore together!


Row to Shipwrights for Pizza

Another one I didn’t quite tick off my list in the summer but something I am really excited to do! Across the river Helford lies the Shipwrights Arms, a pub famous for its pizza (cooked outside of course!). The Helford river is one of my favourite places in Cornwall and I’d love to row over one summer’s evening to enjoy a pizza and pint.


Cornish Bucket List | The Cornish DogCornish Bucket List | The Cornish Dog

Explore the South West Coastal Path

We are blessed with so many dog friendly walks here in Cornwall, none more famous than the South West Coastal Path. After watching Sophie Pavelle’s Wild Cornwall videos on YouTube I am incredibly inspired. She makes British wildlife so accessible to us all while simultaneously educating us into species’ behaviours, habitats and more. If you haven’t watched her videos I would definitely recommend you do! I’m excited to explore more of the coastal paths around Cornwall, particularly now Woody’s recall has drastically improved!


Visit Moushole Christmas Lights

Each year, the village of Mousehole is famous for its Christmas lights. I’ve heard so much about the lights but haven’t been to see them myself. The fishing village is illuminated throughout December with a beautiful collection of lights, many of which bob about in the harbour itself. I’m determined to drive there and see them for myself one year, I think it’ll make a nice Christmas tradition!


Christmas Day/New Years Day Sea Swim

A great tradition up and down the coast is a Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day sea swim. Beaches up and down Cornwall partake in these events and depending on where you go you may or may not be allowed your wetsuit! Unfortunately last Christmas I chickened out, using the two dogs as my excuse! However this year, if I’m in Cornwall for Christmas, I am definitely want to give this one a try!

Cornish Bucket List | The Cornish DogCornish Bucket List | The Cornish Dog

So that’s my Cornish Bucket list, is there anything I’ve missed? If you have any recommendations for things to add please leave them in a comment!

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