I’ve grown up with spaniels all my life but Woody is the first I’ve properly owned as an adult. I adopted him in autumn 2017 and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride!

Being a spaniel, Woody is a lively boy who loves his walks. If it were up to him he’d be out sniffing and exploring with his friends all day every day. He’s been described as a free spirit because he loves to roam. Brambles and bracken are his favourite to explore, the pricklier the better. I’m forever pulling thorns, grass seeds and burrs from his fur!

Woody | The Cornish DogWoody | The Cornish Dog

Woody’s story

Woody lived in a village nearby and when I discovered his advert online, I couldn’t not visit! We clicked instantly. Between him humping the French Bulldog and running manically around the lounge, I fell for him. His sweet spaniel eyes, boundless energy and of course, the little tuft of hair on the top of his head. He was a charming little boy and I knew I would love him.

It turns out Woody was definitely meant to be, as in the space of a week I’d brought him home. After peeing in the conservatory and running crazily about the house, he soon settled in and as an excited yet inexperienced owner, I was determined to give him the best restart in life. As they say, the rest is history and Woody has become my best friend. We’re always out adventuring around dog friendly Cornwall and share our favourite walks with you.

Woody | The Cornish DogWoody | The Cornish Dog