I’m really impressed with how many secondhand dog items you can find. I’ve purchased everything from crates and dog guards to harnesses and toys. The cost of owning a dog can soon mount up, so it’s reassuring to know there are plenty of used items available in perfectly good condition, so long as you know where to look. Today I thought I’d share with you my tips on shopping for secondhand dog items.

When I adopted Woody in September 2017, he arrived with all the necessities from his previous home. I still have a few of his original belongings, including his grooming brushes, various toys and his water bowl. I’ve also been adding to his collection over the past 18 months and have fallen in love with shopping secondhand for dog items. At first, it can seem like a minefield but once you get the hang of it, there are so many bargains to be found!

How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog

The Benefits of Secondhand Dog Items

Before I dive into the nitty gritty of shopping secondhand for dog items, I’d like to share some of the benefits I’ve experienced using this method. Firstly and probably most obvious, is the amount of money I’ve saved by buying used rather than new. The majority of products I’ve bought secondhand have been in near perfect condition. They’re often sold because a dog has outgrown the item, been rehomed or sadly passed away. We also donate Woody’s things when he’s outgrown them, or lost interest when it comes to toys.

Another great benefit of purchasing secondhand dog items, is that it reduces your impact on the environment. By buying secondhand, you’re no longer creating a demand for the product you’re purchasing, choosing to reuse an existing item instead. Woody and I are passionate about sustainaball living and this is a great motivator for us. It’s also a great way to try products without committing to the full price tag, you’ll often find older versions of popular pet products secondhand.

How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog

Where to Find Secondhand Dog Items

Secondhand shopping, whether for human or hound, can be quite a mystery if you don’t know where to look. Living in Cornwall, we’re limited when it comes to the high street. However I’ve found plenty of good quality, secondhand dog items online. Saying that, traditional charity shops are still a great place to look. Often animal charities will have a pet section of secondhand goodies but you can also find plenty of blankets and towels in more traditional human shops. Car boot sales are another great place to look, as well as asking friends who also own dogs. Woody often has more than he needs and I frequently donate secondhand dog items to friends or local charities when we no longer need them.

There are far more places to look for secondhand dog items online. Facebook Marketplace has its own dedicated Pet Supplies section, which is one of my favourites. People are often willing to post smaller secondhand dog items, such as collars or harnesses. It’s well worth searching nationally if you have something specific in mind. Websites like Preloved, Gumtree and Ebay are great places to look too. It’s also worth checking out local Facebook Groups. We have a local C.R.A.P page (Conserving Resources, Associating People) where all secondhand items are listed for free. The aim of the group is to keep as many useable products out of landfill as possible, while helping the local community. There are C.R.A.P groups across Cornwall and I’m sure similar Facebook Groups can be found outside the county too.

How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog

Our Favourite Secondhand Purchases

It’s amazing just how many dog products are available secondhand. There’s everything from basics to big named brands available if you know where to look! One of our favourite and most used secondhand purchases has to be Woody’s grey Ruffwear Front Range Harness, which I found on Facebook Marketplace back in December 2018. I even found Jasper, our first foster dog, his own Ruffwear Front Range Harness for free! Yes it’s pink but we’re not picky (he totally rocks it, don’t you think?!) Other great big brand finds include a PitPat Pet Activity Monitor for £5 on Facebook Marketplace. It’s not the newest version but works all the same but for a fraction of the price. I feel a lot happier for spending £5 to find out it’s not the product for us, rather than the full £39.00 brand new!

I’ve also purchased our car dog guard secondhand, as well as a large crate for our foster dogs to use when they come to stay. Tennis balls are easy to find secondhand, either abandoned on walks or via your local tennis club. They lose their bounce quickly and soon become ‘unusable’ on court. However there’s still plenty of life left in them if you’re a dog! My parents’ dog Millie has a near constant supply of secondhand tennis balls, as my dad is a caretaker at a local school. Woody likes to ‘borrow’ a few whenever they come to visit! Finally, one of my favourite secondhand purchases has to be my beloved Marge the Barge. I know she’s not strictly a secondhand dog item. However Woody and I get up to all sorts of adventures thanks to my 8ft rowing dinghy!

How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog How to Shop for Secondhand Dog Items | The Cornish Dog

Do you shop secondhand for your dog? What are the best secondhand dog items you’ve found recently?

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