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Kennack Sands is a stunning beach situated near the villages Kuggar and Ruan Minor on the Lizard Peninsula. There are two sections to this beach, one of which operates a dog ban during the summer months. Fortunately the beaches are clearly defined, with a huge cliff/sand dune separating both sections. There are plenty of useful sign posts dotted along the walk, directing you to the dog friendly beach.

Woody and I recently launched our collection of bandanas and stopped by at Kennack Sands to shoot some product and promotional images with my parents’ spaniel Millie. They’re available to purchase via our online shop and each one is inspired by one of our favourite Cornish walks. We’ve been working on this project for months behind the scenes and are so grateful for all the support and feedback you continue to give us!

Kennack Sands | The Cornish DogKennack Sands | The Cornish Dog

The beach is fairly flat and a mixture of sand and shingle underfoot. The stones get bigger further up the beach but there is a more defined path as you enter. The walk to the beach itself is up and over a sand dune, which may be difficult in a wheelchair or pushchair. There is a gradual slope to the sea, however strong cross winds and sharp rock faces can be hazardous. In face inflatables are banned at this beach entirely.

There’s plenty of space to explore at both high and low tide at Kennack Sands. Dogs and their owners are always friendly and we’ve never had a problem while visiting. It’s a popular space for families to spend the day, due to the sandy beach, rock pools and calm waters during the summer. There are plenty of facilities and amenities. Toilets, surf hire and two small food vendors are located in the carpark. They’re just a short walk from the dog friendly section of the beach.

Kennack Sands | The Cornish DogKennack Sands | The Cornish Dog

Kennack Sands comes to life at low tide. when its vast sandy beach is uncovered. Rock pools scatter the beach, covered in stunning emerald seaweed. Millie and Woody enjoy chasing each other by the shoreline and digging for treasure in the sand. I also join them for the occasional swim in the summer. It’s important to remember the dog friendly section of Kennack Sands isn’t patrolled by seasonal lifeguards, however they are based just around the corner on the section where dogs are banned.

During Autumn and Winter you can walk between both beaches at low tide, making the walk home even more exciting! I love walking Woody on beaches at this time of year, there’s something about being wrapped up in cosy layers, splashing in the sea in your wellies. Of course you have to finish off a good walk with a tasty hot chocolate from the nearby kiosk!

Kennack Sands | The Cornish DogKennack Sands | The Cornish Dog

This section of Kennack Sands is dog friendly all year round. There is a car park nearby and limited free parking further up the hill. The dog friendly beach is a short walk from the carpark, through a nature reserve and over a sandy cliff. I keep both Woody and Millie on their leads for the walk, because if they were loose they’d definitely be sprinting down to the sea on the dog ban beach!

It’s very rare for Kennack Sands to be empty. There are always plenty of dogs for Woody and Millie to play with. If you have a reactive dog, or a dog in training, Kennack Sands may be a good place to take them for socialisation. There’s plenty of space for everybody on the beach and we often see dogs on long lines for one reason or another. It’s a secluded beach too, away from busy roads and with few places to escape.

Kennack Sands | The Cornish DogKennack Sands | The Cornish Dog

What’s your favourite dog friendly beach on the Lizard Peninsula? We’re always looking for new places to explore!

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