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Summer is in full swing here in Cornwall, which means plenty of warm weather, long evenings and excuses to get out and explore. There are so many dog friendly beaches all over the county and I thought it was high time we shared some of our favourites! Each week, until the end of summer, we’ll share with you a new dog friendly beach from across Cornwall. To kick things off, where best to start than our all time favourite, Grebe beach!

Grebe beach is situated on the Helford river, close to the village of Durgan. There’s National Trust parking a short walk away, which is free for members or ¬£2 for the entire day. Woody walks off lead through the woodland but I put him on briefly to cross the road at the bottom of the hill.

The beach is a favourite among dog owners all year round. The sea comes right up at high tide, so double check the timings to avoid disappointment! Grebe beach is a popular place for beach barbeques in the summer and with stunning views out across the Helford, you’ll soon see why!

If you’re planning on hosting a summer beach barbeque this summer, please dispose of it appropriately. It saddens me to see so many discarded plastic containers, disposable barbeques and leftover food abandoned on the beach. Though there aren’t any facilities on Grebe beach itself, there’s a bin further up the hill. Durgan, with toilets and other facilities (including a defibrillator) is a short walk away, so there’s really no excuse for littering the beach!

Grebe Beach | The Cornish Dog

Grebe beach is a great place to explore by boat. Durgan has its own beach and slipway; it takes about 10 minutes to row round to Grebe. I love rowing around the Helford river, whether by gig boat or my little rowing dinghy, Marge the Barge.

Woody and I also enjoy sea swimming here. In fact, this is where I’ve been building his confidence in water. The shore slopes gradually, so Woody can take his swimming at his own pace. It’s quite a distance from the open sea, so the waves are often calm. Grebe beach is fun for all the family and Woody loves playing fetch by the shore or swimming out to unsuspecting holidaymakers for a splash!

Millie, my parents’ springer spaniel absolutely loves it here too. She’s water obsessed and will sprint straight to the sea! The hill down to Grebe beach is quite steep but the path is well maintained and is regularly resurfaced. There are always plenty of other dog to play with, of all ages and breeds!

In fact, I’ve encountered so many interesting people here and everyone is always friendly. I love meeting new dogs and their owners while out on walks! Recently I met a lady and her field spaniel on a particularly grey day. We ended up running for cover from the rain, seeking shelter under the nearby trees! There’s plenty of shade at the beach on summer days but remember to bring a towel for your dogs to relax on. The shingle beach can get very hot and it’s important to protect your dog’s paws!

Grebe Beach | The Cornish Dog

Have you been to Grebe beach before? If so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

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