Millie has been staying with us for a few weeks over summer but had been getting bored of her usual walks. So, Woody, Millie, my mum and I took to the South West Coast Path in search of adventure! We walked to Mevagissey from Gorran Haven and back again, stopping in the delightful Teacup Tearoom for lunch. It’s a 3.5 mile walk each way, with stunning views, dog friendly beaches and fishing villages en route.

Woody and I hadn’t ventured on a long walk in ages and had rarely explored the coast path together. Stories of dogs running off clifftops left me feeling anxious, so I’ve been sticking to the routes I know. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and forget about the incredible places we’re surrounded by here. Cornwall boasts some of the most beautiful coastline in the country and it was high time for an adventure!

Gorran Haven to Mevagissey | The Cornish Dog

The walk is picturesque and gentle, with only a few steep sections. Woody loved charging down the slopes, dragging me behind him – I definitely need to work on training him to walk beside me when we’re going downhill!

We kept Woody and Millie on their leads throughout, as we didn’t want to risk them running off. Millie usually sticks close by when we’re out walking but we all know Woody loves to roam! The dogs both wore harnesses too, to make sure they had enough support. This walk was the perfect opportunity to put Woody’s EzyDog Road Runner* lead to the test. You can walk hands free, as it straps around your waist – perfect for longer coast path walks!

Gorran Haven to Mevagissey | The Cornish Dog

The walk takes you through a number of livestock fields, mostly sheep and cows but both dogs did amazingly, barely noticing the animals at all. The sheep were particularly brave and cheeky, assembling together on the path and blocking the gates! After a slight panic, we devised a plan and my mum shepherded them past while I stood downhill with the dogs.

I found my love for walking on this particular stretch of coastline and think the real key is to go at your own pace. As a child, my parents would often drag me on walks and then moan at me for walking too slow. Millie loved walking up ahead with my mum, while Woody and I wandered slowly behind. There were plenty of photo opportunities along the way too, which I just couldn’t resist stopping for!

Gorran Haven to Mevagissey | The Cornish Dog

There are plenty of places to stop en route, including Colona beach at Chapel Point. Aside from the sheep that like to wander onto the shore, it’s an incredibly dog friendly beach. Few people know about this beach, as can only be accessed via the Coast Path. It’s a great place to relax, as it’s about halfway through this walk. I wish I’d brought my bikini with me, as the water looked perfect for a paddle!

After a short rest and a game of fetch we were on our way and plodding along on the path. We soon arrived at Portmellon, a small fishing village 10 minutes from Mevagissey. The beach bans dogs between July, August and September but Millie didn’t want to listen. Fortunately the tide was right in, so she couldn’t get onto the sand!

Gorran Haven to Mevagissey | The Cornish Dog

Then we arrived at Mevagissey, our halfway point. We’d worked up quite an appetite and looked forward to our lunch at Teacup Tearoom. Mum had a prawn cocktail sandwich and I had a salmon, cream cheese and dill bagel, which I’d highly recommend! Polished off with delicious milkshakes, we’d definitely filled a hole!

The dogs weren’t forgotten about either and were given fresh water and treats when we arrived. Teacup Tearoom also have blanket beds available, as well as plenty of towels for soggy dogs if you’re stopping by after a walk!

Gorran Haven to Mevagissey | The Cornish Dog

We really enjoyed this walk and can’t wait to explore more of the Cornish Coast Path soon. To keep up to date with our adventures, follow us on Instagram!

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