Dog Day at Jubilee Pool is a popular event in the Cornish dogs calendar. Each year hundreds of dogs descend on the open air saltwater lido in Penzance, before it closes for the season. Woody, Hen and I attended for the first time this year and had an absolutely amazing time together

Each year Jubilee Pool hosts its Dog Day, where four legged friends are invited to swim in the saltwater lido before it closes for its seasonal clean. Over 450 dogs attended over the course of Dog Day in 2019. Dogs are welcome throughout the day and admission charges are very reasonable (£6 per human and £3 per dog in 2022.)

Dog Day at Jubilee Pool | The Cornish Dog

There are a few rules for Dog Day at Jubilee Pool, to ensure humans and hounds remain safe throughout the event. Firstly, dogs should be kept off lead at all times around the pool. At first I worried about this, as Woody’s recall and Hen’s blindness get us into all sorts of trouble in places like these. However, the rule is in place to prevent tangles, strangles and tripping hazards for everyone and I was pleasantly surprised just how well behaved everyone’s dogs were at the event.

Secondly, all poo must be picked up (which should be obvious!) I advise taking your dog to relieve itself before you arrive, however there are plenty of poo bins dotted around the pools. Just keep an eye on your dogs and be sure to pick everything up! Woody and Hen mostly ignored the no running rule, trying to tell two wet spaniels to walk is an impossible task. Hen insisted on full on zoomies when we got back to the changing area!

Dog Day at Jubilee Pool | The Cornish Dog

There were so many dogs of all different shapes and sizes at Dog Day this year. I was curious to see how Woody and Hen would react to the pools. Hen in particular is a keen swimmer at the beach, however neither have really experienced dock diving before. Fortunately there are plenty of steps and ramps down to the water, creating a more gradual entrance. Alternatively I also lifted them into the pools in places, their life jackets were very handy.

We also brought along tennis balls and floating toys. Everyone was so friendly at the event, with plenty of non-swimming spectators watching from above. There are lifeguards on hand throughout Jubilee Pool, though I suspect they’re mostly there to enjoy all the puppy cuddles!

A dog show also takes place during the day, with classes costing £1 to enter. The fancy dress competition is definitely one to look out for, the costumes are so creative! This year’s entrants included a mer-dog, complete with rainbow tail.

The newly refurbished café provides treats throughout the day. Jubilee Pool isn’t heated yet (its Geothermal Heat Project is currently underway) so the water is quite cold. Warming up with a hot chocolate after your swim is arguably the best way to go! You can also hire wetsuits at Jubilee Pool if you don’t have your own, so you can enjoy swimming with your dog for longer.

Ready for Swimming | The Cornish Dog

Have you been to Dog Day at Jubilee Pool before? What’s your favourite dog friendly day out in Cornwall?

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