Woody and Millie | The Cornish Dog

My parents came to visit us over October half term. I was incredibly excited, as this would be the first time Woody and Millie met. Woody and I waited excitedly at home for my parents arrival.

Woody is a very friendly dog and wants to be friends with everyone, so I knew he’d be excited to meet her. Millie on the other hand is known to get quite jealous, so my parents were apprehensive. Their initial encounter was somewhat of an anti-climax, which in reality is a very good thing! They met at our garden gate, sniffing each other through the metal bars. After a short exchange of sniffs and growls, they seemed to accept one another.

Woody and Millie | The Cornish DogWoody and Millie | The Cornish Dog

My parents’ Springer Spaniel, Millie is now 8 years old, making her a senior. She’s definitely more dominant than Woody, as she should be and was sure to make her presence known. At first, she’d growl or snigger, whenever Woody stepped out of line. For the first few days Woody was fearful of her however, as the week went on you could see she had a soft spot for him.

The pair of them made us laugh, particularly when we were giving them attention and fuss. Millie is definitely my dad’s dog, she’s always by his side. Whenever he gave Woody a cuddle or threw him the ball to fetch, Millie wasn’t impressed.

Woody and Millie | The Cornish DogHattie Woody and Millie | The Cornish Dog

Woody and Millie enjoyed many new experiences together, from long walks in the woodlands at Penrose to sprinting by the sea at Maenporth. It was great to see them exploring together, running around crazily and having so much fun.

I’m so happy the two of them are now friends, it would have been far trickier if they weren’t! I’m looking forward to Christmas time, as Millie is coming to stay. I’m looking for dog friendly winter adventures in Cornwall. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I decided to film our adventures with Woody and Millie, for you to take a peek! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what we’re getting up to!