I’ve owned my pair of Trailback boots for a few months now and always get asked questions about them. Today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts and experiences so far, while answering the all important question – are they worth the money?

I purchased these boots with my own money back in May 2018. At the time they cost £225.00 plus £8.99 delivery. Since then, the price has increased to £249.95 plus delivery (October 2018.) This blogpost is not in partnership with Trailback, all opinions are my own and this post isn’t sponsored in any way.

Trailback Boots | The Cornish DogTrailback Boots | The Cornish Dog

The Aesthetic

I love the design of these boots. It was the main reason I purchased them. They’re minimal, aesthetic and contemporary. Prior to purchasing my Trailbacks, I used to own a pair of Kanyon Outdoor Hornbeam boots. Unfortunately I wore away the lining of the heel and the boots broke in a matter of months. I was looking for a replacement with a similar design that was built to last. My Trailbacks are great for wearing out and about and transition well from town to coast. I’ve even worn them to work before, which saves me having to pack wellies for our evening walk!

The Height

I prefer boots that come up to my calves. Years of gymnastics, netball and gig rowing have left my legs very strong and buying boots and trousers to fit them is always a nightmare. It turns out though, most leather country boots are taller, falling just below the knee. It was quite the challenge trying to find calf height boots! In the end, it was a choice between a pair of Trailbacks or the slightly cheaper Caledon boots by Toggi. I like calf height boots, as they slip on easily. I also find them easier to style with leggings, thick socks or shorts in summer.

Trailback Boots | The Cornish DogTrailback Boots | The Cornish Dog

The Sole

The sole is incredible. It’s super thick and very durable. The Vibram outer sole provides perfect grip on uneven surfaces such as beaches or coast path walks. It reminds me of my old school shoes, which always seemed to last forever! A good sole isn’t always easy to find, particularly if you’re wanting something stylish too. It’s the classic style vs. comfort dilemma but I feel you get the best of both worlds with a pair of Trailback boots.

The Fit

The fit of the boots is great. I’m typically a UK size 8 and love wearing thick socks on walks, particularly during winter. My feet tend to swell if I’m walking a lot, which is something I do on a daily basis thanks to Woody! The Trailback boots are roomy, with plenty of space for wider feet like mine. I do have to wear insoles occasionally though, when I’m caught short and all my walking socks are in the wash!

Trailback Boots | The Cornish DogTrailback Boots | The Cornish DogBreaking Them In

Breaking in these boots was an utter nightmare. It took months before they became comfortable and for the first few days I couldn’t wear them at all on a walk. I was reluctant to take them out with Woody and whenever I did I’d come back with the most horrendous blisters. It’s like my Trailbacks were attacking my heels! When I finally did win the war a few months later, I realised I’d worn away the leather inside the heel. The lining is still intact, however it was a little disheartening. I considered sending them back under the warranty. However, when I looked at my other shoes, it turns out all of them have been worn away at the heels. Perhaps it’s something that’s wrong with my feet, who knows!

The Price

Trailback boots are expensive. It wasn’t a light decision purchasing these boots. I weighed up the pros and cons for weeks before finally submitting my order. My previous boots were under £100. Longevity is something incredibly important to me when it comes with new purchases, however with Trailback being a new small business in Cornwall, I wasn’t sure how long the boots were expected to last. As you know, I’m very passionate about supporting small businesses in Cornwall and decided to take the plunge nonetheless.

Trailback Boots | The Cornish DogTrailback Boots | The Cornish Dog

The Season

I usually wear country boots in Autumn and Winter. They’re not as versatile during warmer months. This year Cornwall was subject to months of glorious, hot weather thanks to the heatwave. I did try to wear my boots during this period, pairing them with denim shorts. The outfit looked great, however my feet soon overheated. Trailbacks really come into their own during autumn though, particularly on the drier, sunny days we’ve had recently. I imagine they’ll be great in springtime too, however I’ll probably swap them for wellies for the harsher winter weather.

Only Available Online

At present, Trailback boots are sold exclusively online, via their website. I was surprised to find that shipping was an additional cost, something I haven’t come across with my previous country boot purchases or research. As a result, I expected them to arrive the next day, however they ended up taking up to 5 days to be delivered. This was very disappointing, particularly as I’d invested so much money into the boots. It would be great to see these boots stocked in local, bricks and mortar shops. That way, customers would be able to try before they buy; something that is very important to many people when making a big purchase. I think Trailback boots would look right at home in places like Paws in Padstow or Griggs Country Store near St. Austell.

Trailback Boots | The Cornish DogTrailback Boots | The Cornish Dog

Since buying my Trailbacks, I’ve changed my mind about them with nearly every wear. Don’t get me wrong, my Trailbacks have become a staple in my dog friendly capsule wardrobe, however I’m not sure I’d buy them again. I do love their aesthetic and core features, however the price is just a little too high. Once these boots wear out, I’ll probably look at finding a cheaper alternative.

Are you thinking about buying some Trailback boots? Do you already own a pair? We’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments!

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