We were approached by Journalist Rachel Spencer from The Paw Post to collaborate on a blog post about Black Dog Syndrome.

Studies have shown that dark haired dogs take longer to be adopted from rescue centres. I provided a selection of photographs to accompany the blogpost. I chose a selection photographs of Woody exploring outdoors to illustrate that black dogs are just as happy as lighter haired breeds. I wanted to communicate Woody’s unique character through the images, to highlight that owning dogs is about more than the colour of their fur.

I also wrote a feature sharing our top tips for photographing black dogs. Our tips include shooting in natural light, getting down to your dog’s level and allowing your dog to be his/her crazy self. You can read the full blog post here.

“Working with Hattie and Woody and it was such an lovely and rewarding experience. Hattie helped me illustrate a blogpost on Black Dog Syndrome where sadly black dogs struggle to find homes. The post was shared by over 6,000 people worldwide, which is absolutely amazing and more than I usually get from national newspaper pieces. I know her contribution and Woody’s photos played a big part. Would highly recommend! Thanks Hattie and Woody” Rachel Spencer, The Paw Post

Client: The Paw Post

The Paw Post | The Cornish DogThe Paw Post | The Cornish DogThe Paw Post | The Cornish Dog


The Paw Post | The Cornish DogThe Paw Post | The Cornish Dog