Henry is an incredibly enthusiastic and vibrant spaniel, who absolutely adores life. He’s always out exploring at 100 miles an hour and loves nothing more than getting up to mischief. He’s the one that barks at the beach or rolls in smelly delights whenever possible, always keeping me on my toes!

Hen is also incredibly loving. He’s the sort of dog that will always be up for a cuddle and adores any form of attention. Whenever we visit a cafĂ© or attraction in Cornwall he insists on rolling around on his back and singing, much to the amusement of everyone! He’s a sassy spaniel with a big heart and a wild personality to match.

Henry | The Cornish DogHenry | The Cornish Dog

Henry’s Story

Henry was my third foster dog for Spaniel Aid UK in 2019. I picked him up from the New Forest and brought him back home with us to Cornwall. At first, him and Woody didn’t get on at all! However, once Henry had settled in, it quickly became apparent that he wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon. I decided to adopt Hen in summer 2019, as he and Woody did nothing but play together and are now inseparable.

Hen is blind but he doesn’t let that get in the way of a good Cornish adventure! He’s completely blind in one eye and can see a little in the other. I didn’t realise he was visually impared for quite a while but the vet confirmed he had a detached retina in one eye and a detaching one in the other. We reckon he was born with limited sight, as you wouldn’t guess he was blind if you met him out on a walk. He does however get overwhelmed in busy crowds and occasionally bumps into things like trees on walks. Despite the occasional grazes and missing teeth, he’s still in one piece and loves exploring nevertheless!

Henry | The Cornish DogHenry | The Cornish Dog