Hattie | The Cornish Dog

I’m Hattie, a dog friendly photographer based in Cornwall, UK. I work with dog friendly businesses across the UK and Europe, creating product, lifestyle and social media imagery as well as writing copy for blogposts, features and publications. My work is bold, fun and upbeat, featuring plenty of adventures in the great outdoors. I’m inspired by dogs, their unique personalities, companionship and loyalty.

When I’m not working, I’m out exploring Cornwall with my working cocker spaniel Woody. I adopted him in September 2017 and he’s been a whirlwind ever since! Woody teaches me something new every day. From patience to confidence and most importantly, how to live life to the fullest. He has inspired me to follow my passions wholeheartedly and share my love of Cornwall with you.

Whether you’re a new dog owner looking to build your confidence or a holidaymaker searching for a local’s best kept secrets, this website is for you. I uncover some of Cornwall’s best-loved dog walks, detailing the specifics. From local amenities and where to park to potential hazards along the way, I want to provide you with the step by step knowledge and insights I could seldom find.

I also share posts about being a first time dog owner and all the trials and tribulations it brings. I’m passionate about living as sustainably as possible with Woody and love sharing our journey with you. More recently, I’ve started fostering for Spaniel Aid. We welcome foster friends every now and then, to enjoy a lovely Cornish holiday, while we work hard to find them their forever home!

Hattie | The Cornish DogHattie | The Cornish Dog

Hattie’s story

I first discovered the beauty of Cornwall when, at 18, I left the city to study by the sea. When I wasn’t writing dissertations, essays or critical reviews, you’d be certain I’d be by the sea. I fell in love with the beautiful beaches, secret coves and coastal walks Cornwall has to offer. I’d wake up before sunrise for gig rowing and stay up late for bonfires on the beach. I patiently saved as much money as I could to buy myself a boat. Though she’s small, she is mighty and I couldn’t imagine living without my beloved Marge the Barge.

After I graduated in 2015, for one reason or another, I found myself back wandering the city streets, a stranger in my hometown. I got sucked into the lifestyle I thought I should have, joining the rat-race in the concrete jungle. I worked hard at being an adult and left my mermaid heart behind. Gradually, the juxtaposition got to me. It’s funny how easy it is to ignore your heart.

Only after taking the plunge and moving back to Cornwall in the summer of 2017 did I realise quite how miserable I had become. My confidence and self-esteem nearly shattered by the pressures of others. It’s hard to find yourself to begin with. Even harder to find the courage to be that person once you’ve found her. I did it though, swapping the city streets for the sound of the sea for good.

Now I’m back in the county I’ve always loved and with Woody by my side, we get up to all sorts of adventures! Whether it’s exploring the woodlands close to our home or venturing further afield, we’re always out having fun. My confidence has blossomed and I feel more alive than ever. I’m ready to conquer the world!

Hattie | The Cornish DogHattie | The Cornish Dog