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The new year is in full swing and Woody and I can’t wait to share more dog friendly Cornish adventures with you. We’ve been thinking long and hard about our goals for 2019 and thought we’d share with you what we’re hoping to achieve.

Spend More time on Water

2018 was all about building Woody’s confidence in water. When I first adopted him, he outright refused to get his paws wet, thankfully he’s come a long way since then. We spent the majority of the year improving Woody’s technique. He no longer splashes in sheer panic these days, instead he resembles a more typical water-obsessed spaniel! He does need a little bit more practice (particularly when out on boats) but I’m so proud of our progress so far.

This year, I’m determined to spend more time in and on water with Woody. I love nothing more than spending time in the sea, at university I gig rowed and regularly swam in the sea throughout the year (without a wetsuit of course.) I’m hoping to spend at least one day a week in or on the water. I’m excited to rekindle my love of the sea and make kayaking, rowing, sea swimming and snorkelling a more regular occurrence in 2019!

Building Your Dog's Confidence in Water | Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

Walk the Cornish Coast Path

Back in September, we announced plans for our biggest adventure yet. I’ve fallen in love with coast path walking with Woody and have big ambitions for tackling the Cornish Coast Path in 2019. Initially I was hoping to complete the trail in one go (equating to nearly a month’s worth of walking!)  While I think it would be an epic challenge to tackle the whole path at once, I’ve been contemplating my approach.

I’m keen to document our experience step by step, in fact it’s one of my main motivations for taking on the challenge. There are certain seasons that best suit particular stretches of the path. Be it when wildflowers are in full bloom, during winter storms or when the tourists have left the county at the end of summer. With this in mind, I’ve decided to split the walk into sections, which Woody and I will tackle throughout the year. Not only will this help keep our pack weights down (who knew camera equipment was so heavy?!) it will also enable us to showcase the path in all its glory.  I’ve been carefully researching and planning our hikes and we can’t wait to get started!

Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

Foster a Dog

Woody has fast become my right hand man. He’s the perfect adventure buddy and rarely leaves my side (apart from when he’s off exploring on walks of course!) He’s a very independent and loving companion who gets on with most dogs. In his previous home Woody lived with another dog and he’s happy to share our home with Millie when she comes to stay.

I’m very passionate about giving dogs a second chance and have been interested in fostering for a while now. Following The Cotswold Spaniels’ experience fostering Dottie in summer has inspired me to give fostering a go myself.I’ve got a couple of fostering charities in mind but still need to double check with my landlords/parents first. I think it’d be a great experience for us and I love the idea of helping other dogs find their forever homes. We’re keeping our paws crossed that all goes well!

Gwynver Beach | Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

Visit the Isles of Scilly

I’d love to take Woody to visit the Isles of Scilly in 2019. This is something I’ve been saying this ever since I moved back to Cornwall.  I’ve been to St. Mary’s before, during Gig Weekend in 2015, one of the busiest weekends on the islands. I managed to visit some of the walks and beaches between rowing races, however I’d love to return and properly explore.

The Isles of Scilly are super dog friendly and I think Woody would absolutely love it. As Cornish local’s we receive a discount on day trips during summer, however I’ve never managed to make the most of this opportunity. It’s time to start saving our pawcket money and booking those tickets I think!

Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

Give Canicross a Go

I’m sure you realise by now that Woody is a very active dog. Being a working cocker spaniel, it’s in his blood. He loves running non-stop on walks, nose down and tail wagging all the way. In contrast, I’ve never been an avid runner, preferring team sports like gymnastics, rowing and netball. However, I do love spending time with Woody. Who knows, perhaps he’s the missing link to unlocking my passion for running?!

I was first introduced to canicross by Lara Trewin in Bude. She runs Let’s Go Canicross in Bude and is passionate about inspiring humans to take up running with their dogs. Woody and I often go walking using a hands-free lead, particularly around the coast path where there are steep, unfenced cliff drops. I’m keen to join one of Lara’s canicross sessions and learn the proper technique. Something tells me Woody just might enjoy himself too…

Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

Find Myself a Hobby

I’m incredibly grateful for being able to turn The Cornish Dog, which started as a hobby, into my full-time job. However, I do struggle with maintaining a work-life balance. Growing up, I always had hobbies. After school I’d be off to ballet lessons and weekends were spent painting and drawing in my bedroom. Hobbies are a great way to unwind after a busy day of work, as well as meet new people and be involved in the community.

Recently, I’ve struggled with finding and sticking to a new hobby, something I’m hoping will change in 2019! I’ve got a list of classes, sports and activities I’d like to try, as well as a few friends who are keen to join me.

Our Goals for 2019 | The Cornish DogOur Goals for 2019 | The Cornish Dog

What are your goals for 2019? We’d love to hear them in the comments. What adventures are you hoping to get up to?

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