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Woody has been part of our lives for just over three months now and we are amazed how easily he’s slotted in to our family. I have always been passionate about giving dogs a second chance and I knew that once the opportunity to adopt presented itself I would definitely be welcoming a dog into our home. It turns out that was far sooner than I expected! Today I thought I’d share with you some of the benefits of adopting a dog.

Living in rented accommodation and working full-time are less than desirable when you want to adopt a new furry friend. However, after a few exchanges of emails, it turns out these weren’t barriers at all. Everyone in the house we share were excited to have a dog around and work let me bring him to the office with me too.

I decided to adopt Woody, my beautiful one year old Cocker Spaniel, after finding him online. His previous owners were rehoming him due to not having enough time and attention for him. He was left for long periods of time during the day, due to his owners’ work commitments and as a result was becoming destructive. Having grown up with spaniels I was excited to meet him in person. Subsequently we fell in love and just a week later we welcomed Woody into our home and haven’t looked back since!

The Benefits of Adopting a Dog

1. They’re Already Trained

Woody came to us as a lively, 11 month old spaniel, full of energy and love. He also came to us fully housetrained, well mannered, used to travelling in the car and he even has a few tricks up his sleeve. This is all because of the excellent training he received courtesy of his previous owners! We were both amazed just how well behaved he is and how quickly he settled in. It has definitely made for an easy transition and daily routine!

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2. They Can Go On Adventures Straight Away

Puppies cannot venture outdoors until they have received their full course of vaccinations, something you don’t have to worry about when adopting an adult dog! We took Woody for his first walk almost straight away, giving us the opportunity to get to know him and our local dog walking community almost instantly! Since then we’ve been out on Marge the Barge, exploring local forests and of course swimming in the sea! Being a cocker spaniel, Woody definitely enjoys his walks (if he was in charge he’d be out adventuring all day!) and being able to take him out at every opportunity definitely helps us ensure he’s as healthy and happy as possible, come rain or shine!

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3. Ongoing Support from Rescue Centre/Previous Owner

We adopted Woody privately, after finding an advert online. However this point also applies if you adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue centre. Many shelters and organisations provide ongoing support to their dogs and new owners. So should you have a question a few months in, you’re safe in the knowledge that support is just a phone call away! This is particularly valuable for first time dog owners, as staff are more than happy to answer any question, big or small!

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4. They’re Lovable, Grateful Companions

There’s a huge misconception that rescue dogs are fraught with issues; from difficult behaviour to complex medical conditions and lifelong scarring from years of abuse. Of course, this is sadly true in some cases but many dogs in shelters and rescue centres find themselves there through no fault of their own. Changes in commitments, lifestyle and health sometimes result in owners surrendering their beloved four legged friends. This was certainly the case with Woody. Since being adopted, Woody shows us nothing but love. He’s one of the soppiest, kindest and funniest dogs I’ve known and we wouldn’t have him any other way!

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5. You’re Giving Them A Second Chance

Regardless of their past, welcoming a dog into your home provides them with a valuable second chance. Whether they’re a puppy, adult or senior, your new pet deserves nothing more than to feel loved. There are so many animals looking for a second chance and shelters are often fit to bursting. Adopting a dog, whether privately or through an organisation, frees up space in shelters for other pets looking for homes, enabling volunteers and staff to continue doing the amazing work they do!

Adopt Don't Shop | The Cornish Dog

We certainly had our reservations initially about adopting a dog and it’s natural to feel apprehensive and nervous at first. After all, you’re about to embark on a big life change! However Woody has proven time and time again the benefits of adopting. He’s by no means perfect (recall is definitely a work in progress!) but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

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